About Us


About Us

Ukrainian company "Ekotehnika" was founded in 1992.

It is a powerful corporation that has business in manufacturing and selling of grocery and confectionery.

The company has two own factories:

Production plant of spices is located in Kagarlyk district of Kiev region.

Confectionary factory located in Rivne.

Our company has six logistic warehouses on the territory of Ukraine, from which shipment are made to supermarkets network, distributors and exporters.

Products of "Ekotehnika" are known under two main brands:

Under the Trade mark "EKO" spices and other grocery products are produced in the amount of 300 different items. Brand "EKO" is an absolute leader in sales, distribution and customer choice.

Confirmation of the success and strength of twenty years old brand "EKO" are:

- Its pricing, marketing and visual dominance in supermarket chains (especially with Western principles of the organization);

- Regular publication of researches of the independent information portal www.favor.com.ua;

- Experts and consumers evaluation and characteristics of brand.

Portfolio of Trade marks of "Ekotehnika" - this is the largest thought over and convenient market offer, which includes spices, seasonings, herbs, universal seasoning, culinary additives, jelly, soups, bouillons, porridges, puree, muesli. Spices are presented a several trade marks and series (see "goods category"), which have a variety of combinations, prices, size and materials of etiquette.

 The advantages of such portfolio of offers:

1. Opportunity to offer the market necessary and convenient product for both the store and for the buyer

2. Opportunity to realize its competitive advantages as the satisfying of:

- The buyers needs in the variety of assortment, prices and weight with constant quality.

- The stores needs to in the representation of all price categories reducing the amount of suppliers and product range.

Our price policy allows us to provide our products in all segments of the spice market.

TM "EKO" with great success and interest is selling by distributors are buying by customers.

 Under the trade mark "RIKOND" confectionery products are manufactured in the amount of 200 items. The brand is not the greatest, but nevertheless these products have a great success, especially for foreign partners. The brand "RIKOND" is interesting for several reasons:

- The quality level is much higher than the price;

- A high level of consideration of the interests and wishes of the client;

- Very flexible price policy;

- The possibility of operative reaction (including local) to changes in the market environment.

 We have a great positive experience of cooperation in Private label format with retail networks, distributors and foreign partners.

 The company and its brands have a lot of awards. But the main award for us - it is your right choice.

 More information about our products and other information can be found in other sections of the site.


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